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“What about, what about, what about our COLOR SHOUT . . . Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, White, White, White, White!”  This was our favorite cheer in school, and years later this chant came back as an inspiration for us to launch Color Shout.


We wanted to create something that mattered, a company that gives back and makes a difference to kids through education.  That’s why we design fun, colorful products that bring smiles and build unity.


Our hope is that Color Shout is a conversation starter:  a way for you to wear your feelings on your sleeve—to SHOUT about your pride in a school, in your kids, your favorite team, your love, your sorority, your favorite color, and so much more.  With so many customizable options you can SHOUT about anything that is important to you!


We are excited to welcome you to our website and hope you will join our Color Shout family on our journey to spread cheer, team spirit, and camaraderie through colorful accessories.

Be Happy!



Color Shout




**Let us help you Color Shout for your cause.  Visit our FUNDRAISING page to see just how easy it can be to raise funds with customizable products and colors.  Raise SCHOOL SPIRIT while raising SCHOOL FUNDS!  Fundraising – Color Shout